Look for These Signs to Know When Someone needs Counselling in Brisbane

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If someone you know is going through a difficult time for mental illness and needs therapeutic assistance, you might not be sure how to go about helping. In fact, we all face life problems and may need professional counselling in Brisbane at some point in life. Therapeutic treatments have a high success rate in benefitting anyone experiencing psychological distress, but unfortunately only very few people seek help even during challenging times. In this complicated journey of life, sometimes having supportive family members or a friend is not enough, as they may not have the skills needed to get someone through his/her psychological issues. 

However, you need to be able to understand deeply enough to see the signs that someone close to you might need counselling. We have compiled the following vital signs that you should look for to understand when the people you care about need therapy to get them back to their healthy selves again.

  • Uncontrollable Anger and Sadness

If anyone around you feels excessively angry, sad or hopeless, then these may be signs of a psychological issue that can be cured with treatment. Sleeping or eating more or less than normal, feeling off or withdrawing from family and friends are some cues that develop into serious problems over time if left untreated. 

  • Not Doing Things They Used to Like

Has the person stopped doing the activities he/she usually enjoys? If so, consider sorting out the reason behind it. Often painful experiences and emotions keep many people from going out, mixing with others and having fun. This is an indication that something is amiss in his/her life and might need therapy to get out of this issue. It’s better to start early before it gets more serious. 

  • Consuming Excessive Food, Alcohol or Drugs

When someone turns to a certain behaviour or a substance to feel better, he/she may need counselling in Brisbane to get rid of such habits. If he/she is unable to control these behaviours or can’t stop doing them despite adverse consequences in life, it must be a case of compulsive or addictive behaviour that requires treatment. 

  • Unable to Cope with Big Changes in Life

Therapists and counsellors not only help mentally ill people but also guide navigating big changes in life. It could be job changes, a bad breakup from a relationship or losing a close person. To cope with the drastic and unavoidable changes in life better, it’s a good idea to fix an appointment with a therapist and lead a happier life. 

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s your family member or a close friend showing one of these signs, professional counselling in Brisbane can help them to address a specific issue and retain their quality of life. Getting a chance to talk to a non-biased expert can be life-changing for the sufferer and the greatest gift you ever give them. 

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